Unfold Yoga Logo Design

Unfold Yoga Brand Design

Name, branding and Social Media for a Yoga and Meditation teacher.

The owner of Unfold Yoga teaches yoga to climbers and 1-2-1 yoga to those who cannot access regular classes. The brief was to keep the image fresh, clean, ‘un-fussy’. It also needed to be flexible enough that it would appeal to younger climbers and an older audience, and to both genders.

Flyers were produced to help promote the group classes at a boulder center in the local area.

A Facebook and Twitter account were set up with appropriate graphics to help support students, let them know when classes are running and generate greater local interest in Unfold Yoga.

A holding page exists to explain key information, with the intention for this to be developed into a full website in good time.

10 breath is a graphic produced for a series of short meditations for use on the website and Social media channels.