Small – Medium Business

Small Medium Business Design

A tailored approach to the unique demands of a growing enterprise.

Change happens fast in small companies; visions broaden, understanding deepens and goals evolve. This often translates into refreshing and refining the brand image. I can support you through this period to help develop your image and presence in the marketplace so that you can focus on your customers.

More established companies may find that the evolution of the brand is more subtle but no less important. Communication materials can get tired and routines stale. I can offer a fresh perspective on your materials, be it on your website, email campaigns, social media integration or printed collateral, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to get in touch to find out more!

I bring an understanding to all of this through years of working with business and running 2 of my own! So whether it’s additional communications or a brand refresh due to outgrowing your existing image, I can offer a tailored approach to your changing needs.

Corporate Design Presentations & Events