Branding and Social Media for Yoga

Branding and Social Media for Yoga

I’m really excited to have been asked by the Clear Mind Institute to run a one day branding and social media workshop targeted at yoga teachers.

But how on earth do you brand yoga?!

Working with the Clear Mind Institute

Clear Mind InstituteI’ve had the good fortune to do a lot of work with the lovely people at CMI. I’ve had first hand experience of the wonderful training programs they run and have worked hard on their branding, website, social media presence and printed promotional material to bring their teachings to as wide an audience as possible. All this plus 15 years as a yoga practitioner, and 3 as a teacher puts me in an ideal position to bring these two seeming incongruous worlds together.

Marketing for Teachers, Therapists & Practitioners

Most teachers/therapists are self employed and like a lot of small businesses, can find the prospect of branding and promoting themselves online, daunting especially in context of the principles of yoga or similar fields. They also have to carefully consider where to invest their valuable time and money. I have a deep appreciation for the challenges being faced as I’ve seen it with many clients in this industry and others; plus I’ve been there myself!

Branding and Social Media Workshop with Yoga Ethics!

So I’ve built this day to help bring clarity to the process of branding a small business. From considering the business goals, developing an online presence and reaching out to your audience through various mediums, with the focus on building community through Social Media.

I’ll be drawing on my experience as a yoga teacher to address the ethics of yoga and use a mindful approach to do this in a fun, practical and tangible way.

Under the Umbrella of Community

I work with the intention of building community whether, through branding or yoga. Social Media offers a form of marketing known as ‘inbound’, where the emphasis is on the consumer reaching out to a brand. As a yoga teacher or business owner, you can extend your offerings to your customers online, let them know what you offer and allow them make the decision to follow your business if it serves them.

It’s more community based than traditional forms of advertising and hinges on giving.

Surely that’s a more yogic approach to marketing?

More details on the content of the day and my deeper perspective on yoga ethics and branding will come in a post for CMI in the next couple of weeks. Sign up for the newsletter to stay tuned!

To book onto the ‘Branding You & Social Media’ Workshopvisit the CMI Events page.

Whilst this will be hosted at a yoga studio (StillPoint Yoga London) and marketed to a yoga/mindfulness audience, the content will be applicable to any small business looking to define their brand position and grow their online presence.

What are the challenges you face in promoting your yoga business?

If you have any specific questions about the day or would like to discuss me running a workshop for you, please get in touch!

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